Monitoring Batch Jobs with Prometheus

This article will describe how to monitor batch jobs with Prometheus. The defining characteristic of batch jobs is their limited lifetime. Monitoring ephemeral jobs with Prometheus is suboptimal due to Prometheus pull-based architecture.

Bridging Borders: Moving to Amsterdam

Last month, I relocated from Karlsruhe, Germany to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My two primary motivations have been the desire to live in a different country and a job offer that sparked my interest. It has been quite an adventure so far and I wanted to share my experiences.

Implementing a Linux Syscall

Sometimes, issues can only be fixed in a layer below the abstractions you rely on usually. Understanding the whole stack as much as possible is a great advantage when a bug pops up. For this reason, I decided to implement a simple Linux syscall to become familiar with the Linux kernel’s code organization. That said, I don’t aspire to become a kernel hacker. The new syscall printk simply prints a given null-terminated message into the kernel log.